About Us

AR 15 plus is a commercial web site of Vida Rica Inc. (VRI). We sell and distribute products for the individual and mid size manufacturer of legal firearms.

We offer partially machined receivers and fixtures and tools to complete them. In addition, we distribute many parts and accessories required to complete the manufacturing process.

We do not ship internationally.

Our Offices are located in Houston Texas at 7500 San Felipe Suite 600, zip code 77063. We can be reached by phone – 713.866.4800 or by email – vidarica@safetysend.com. Our e-commerce business has been active since 2003.

We pride ourselves on high quality, fast shipment and customer satisfaction.

Vida Rica / VRI
7500 San Felipe
Suite 600
Houston, TX 77063
Phone: 713.866.4800
Email: vidarica@safetysend.com