AR 15 Plus FAQ

Q – What will the total cost be for all of the items needed to build the best AR-15 forged Lower Receiver? Can I get a list of everything I will need to purchase from you.
A – YES! Your best option is to take a look at our Kits. Our ”Buddy Kit” with 3 receivers, Jig, tools, prints – etc. The standard kit has all the tools: HPS receivers and a Baxter Jig– You can upgrade to anodized receivers. See pricing under AR 15 Forged Kits.

Q – How do you Ship?
A – Our shipping standard is USPS Priority Mail which takes about 2 days.

Q – Why do people buy a PCR?If you are looking for Cheap or to beat the law. This is NOT the place.
A –There is a BIG myth that people build thier own firearms to avoid regristration.NOT SO!Some of the reasons are:Builders are “Special Club”1. Pride Self Satisfaction – Anybody can write a check; not everybody can do this.2. A unique project – Builders want something “special” they are not going to see at every table of a gun show.3. Competition – There is a growing movement of showing unique completed projects and the creativity involved.

Q – What is an PCR Lower Receiver?
A – An PCR Lower Receiver or frame is an incomplete receiver for a firearm that’s machined or manufactured to a percentage below what the BATF considers a firearm or “gun”. The Lower Receiver is considered “the gun” when complete. The BATF decides what is the maximum level of completion which is not consdered “the gun”. PCR receivers are “partially completed receivers” or [PCR]. Manufacturing Activity as well as Fitting & Adjustment is required to complete into a “finished receiver” to qualify the home builder as a “maker”. Here is where to get you 80 ar 15 receiver, 80 receiver, 80 ar15 lower receiver, 80 ar15 receiver, lower receiver.

Q – I have no experience in building a weapon. How much work can you do before shipping to me?
A – BATF regulations require that all work must be done by the builder or under their direct supervision and control. Even if you lack the experience and current expertise,we have the parts, tools, and blueprints to help you. There are additional resources on the internet. [online forums, personal web sites, etc] Here is where to get your 80 ar 15 receiver, 80 receiver, 80 ar15 lower receiver, 80 ar15 receiver, lower receiver.

Q – Are your receivers and other products considered pre-ban or post ban?
A – Neither one. Our products are not classified as firearms at their completion rate. Once these products are completed and functioning weapons, they would most likely be considered “post ban”. CHECK WITH THE ATF!

Q – How much special equipment and tools are required to complete my own firearm?
A – You will need some. It depends on the tools you have. These firearms can be manfactured with NO special equipment. The issue is time and potential for error. Mills, drill presses, and other equipment can make the job much quicker and easier. They can also make a mess depending on your expertise and specific knowledge. AR 15 Plus frames and receivers don’t require the use of any complicated tools when you have our drills, reamers, taps, fixtures and other tools.

Q – (A7) Does the Gun Control Act prohibit anyone from making a handgun, shotgun or rifle?
A – With certain exceptions a firearm may be made by a nonlicensee provided it is not for sale and the maker is not prohibited from possessing firearms. However, a person is prohibited from making a semiautomatic assault weapon or assembling a nonsporting semiautomatic rifle or nonsporting shotgun from imported parts. An application to make a machinegun will not be approved unless documentation is submitted showing that the firearm is being made for a federal or state agency. [18 U. S. C. 922( o), (r), (v), and 923, 27 CFR 178.39, 178.40, 178.41 and 179.105]

Q – Can anybody make their own weapons and firearms?
A – If you can legally purchase and own a firearm in the USA, then you can probably make your own firearm. We do not sell outside the USA. A constructor/purchaser must comply with Federal and State guidelines when making their own firearms. The only authorized source of information to give you accurate guidance is the ATF. If you are questioning your legal status on building a firearm, contact the ATF.

Q – Can I really complete the Lower Receiver of an AR-15?
A – YES! High quality parts, the right tools, attention to detail and a little patience and your AR-15 will be of equal or higher quality than any AR-15 you can buy. All the instructions are on our site under “How to do it AR. This shows a builder report on each step and how to use the tools.